KING IFEANYICHUKWU ORURUO (Aja Ani Nke Nbu Isi Mmili N'asoru Ora Na Nkanu)

As a people we always speak about life as if it is so difficult in Nigeria, it isn't just difficult, it is unnecessary.

I love you, every single one of you, all 170million plus, in Nigeria or in the Diaspora, I love you all, and everyday, I wake up and wonder what I can do for you, how I can change our collective reality, and today I realize that I can't, but we can.

King Ifeanyi OruruoThe power of the collective is never comparable to the power of one. No matter the quality of my love for all things Nigerian the positive development of the society requires you and I. It is because of this need for a unified response to the evils that plauge us in this country that I founded LIVEN Capital.

As an eco-system for positive social and economic development, LIVEN gives us a platform to transform our present possibilities. I can lead but I cannot do this alone.

I have a tremendous vision for this nation, one that transends the tribal, ethnic and religious divisions that we often decend to. A vision that focuses on the core and elemental aspects of societal development, Food, Shelter, Health, Education, Transportation, Culture and Leisure.

These basic social challenges are also economic opportunities from which we can all also profit. We can begin to take control of our collective destiny by creating the ideal society we have always desired and we can do this without sacrificing anything.

Everyday we all invest either money, or energy or time, into one thing or the other, it is that expense which you already make everyday that I wish to use to power the engine of our collective development. If we can turn our financial investments into a better society and still retain the return on capital that we desire - Why Not? If we can turn the hours of commentary on social and political developments into a more impactful result - Why Not? If we can turn our energy into human energy directed at the ills that plaugue us - Why Not?

Today I offer you an opportunity to be a part of the change that you wish to see. At LIVEN Capital we unite the power of Ideas, Human, Resource and Financial Capital into businesses that create economic development through social investment. We build businesses that make money, by making change and you can be a part of it.

I love you and at a mere 29 years of age I have been fighting for you for 13 years, and I will be fighting for you for the rest of my life. However, I have gotten to a point where I need your help to fight better. JOIN ME.

King Ifeanyi Oruruo

Chairman/CEO LIVEN Capital


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  • Affiliation: We have programs in place for affiliates who believe in what we are doing, you can through it join us to market the movement, promote events, support our message and more. We inform members of the affiliate network of appearances on television, social media, events etc. and together we build momentum for the movement. Benefits accrue to members of the affiliate program as our ideas take root.
  • Investment: You can also invest in our enterprises with as little as ₦108,000 ($300). This allows you to profit from our ventures while also supporting the movement and ensure the development of Nigeria.
  • Banquet for Change: The 2018 LIVEN Capital Banquet for Change is happening across 7 cities in the Unitied States of America, we welcome your support for the events, including attendance, donations, social media posts, alerting friends and joining the affiliate network.
  • Founder: King Ifeanyi Oruruo is a committed Nigerian
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Value Proposition

L.I.V.E.N is both an activist position and a capitalist proposition because great enterprises change the social landscape while creating untold wealth.

We are rooted in sound economic principals and a deep understanding that without socio-economic considerations a business may prosper today but has no future.

Business at its best is an entrepreneurial attempt to close the gap between the ideal and the status quo. L.I.V.E.N is about change yet L.I.V.E.N is about business because business is about needs.

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