A Little About Me and Alot About How You Can Be EXCEPTIONAL by King Ifeanyi Oruruo



Genius - Book Cover
Genre: Philosophy

Page Count: 176 pages

Chapters: 10 Chapters dealing with topics ranging from God to Creativity, Culture, Education, Individual Nature etc.

About the Author: King Ifeanyi Oruruo is a seeker of the ideal and an active fighter for a modern Nigeria, a refined Igbo tradition and a general future for the African child in which what we are is enough!

A man of many talents he is actively engaged in business as the founder and Chairman of LIVEN Capital, an eco-system for investment which aims to force the rapid development of
Nigeria through citizen led initiatives.

He is a polymath, well versed in many areas of life and his book GENIUS, is an attempt to share the many wonderful lessons he has amassed on his journey so far, into a concise and pure guide for anyone, anywhere in the world, who is seeking
to live a life of meaning. LEARN MORE >>

Here is a view excerpt from the book. The texts of the excerpt are available below. Contact us for a copy of the book.



When I speak of nature I speak of {Human Nature - Your Nature}, I define it as “Ones raw and uncorrupted self, contained in innate inclinations, inspirations and attributes”. It is your divine self as programmed at creation. Your pure characteristics resulting from inborn and inherent qualities.


Everyone of us is born to be something. We have a specific fit and a natural design. The first and most difficult task in becoming genius is to find that nature or self.

Often as we grow up we loose ourselves and by the time we recognize that something is missing we have lost all memories of what it used to look like, what “I” used to feel like. Self becomes foreign.

Carl Sagan once said “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”.

The first thing we must all realize is that we were made. You and I are a product of design, a result of a conscious effort by some higher authority to build a purposed tool.

I do not wish to argue here about what God is or is not, whether God is or is not, since it is not relevant to this chapter. In a subsequent chapter we will discuss my views on God. For now we can accept a common and undisputed fact - you are not a mistake.

Be it nature, be it God, be it evolution, you are the product of a concerted effort to create, something made you to satisfy a function, to solve a problem, to be somebody. You weren’t just born, it is not a strictly biological transaction, you weren’t merely the plan of men. Whether your parents wanted or did not want to have you doesn’t matter now, they had “not a thing” to do with who you are.

Family may get a hand in your nurture, they will most definitely contribute to your heredity and they will influence your behaviors but your nature is unique, it is patented and it is purposed by God, it is that part of the apple that makes the apple pie, without it you can still make a pie but not an apple pie, it is definition, it is purpose. You can become a lawyer or doctor, you can tell the truth or choose to lie, you can sing or dance but there is something inside of you which will decide how exceptionally you can do these things and that is a simple question - is it in your purpose, are you designed inline with the activities you have chosen, are your choices inline with your nature?.

You like apple pie could not have been made by anyone incapable of creating first the ground, then the seed, then the rain, then the seasons, then the apple, then the bee, then the man and the woman who they feed, then the day in which they meet, to make the seed that ends in you - we may need to stop here but understand the depth of complexity that is creation and consequently nature. I do believe you get the point. You are a product of design, of a conscious will to achieve a destined aim. When you find this purpose you can find yourself, your nature in nature.

It is easy to get lost in how your mother accidentally met your father, how you could have been born on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, how A and B, shows that life is not purposed, that events are coincidental but everyday the Sun shines like clockwork, held together by design, purposed, useful, reliable. The same forces that hold the Sun, hold you.

Nature: Is about finding your purpose because until you do, everything you do is like beating the air to stop rain. There is an incredible difficulty that results from a misdirection of purpose. When you find your purpose, you find your nature, you find yourself and you find your fit and then you find peace.

Myles Munroe said “When purpose is unknown abuse is inevitable”.

Until you understand why you were made you will not be able to connect the pieces and know who you are. Your nature lies in the tools (Characteristics, styles, tastes, personality and intuitions) at your disposal and the purpose for it’s unique combination.

The nature of water is H2O, if H it is hydrogen, if O it is Oxygen, if H2O then and only then is it water. The way you laugh, the way you cry are all part of you. Also, so is your height, temperament, speech pattern and sensory perceptions. Each new configuration or mix creates a unique personal signature that makes John “John” and Ada “Ada”. There isn’t two of you in the whole wide world because you were made for a specific task and you were therefore consciously fitted and configured for that purpose.

What is unfortunate is that we live in a world that is so focused on conformity and over time children are trained to become similarly patterned models in line with the aspirations of their parents, friends and societies. In an attempt to ensure an orderly world or to ensure financial security we end up creating minions, duplicate personalities, attempted replications of past achievers that fail hopelessly because greatness lies in natures design not man’s edits.

From Edison to Nnamdi Azikiwe to King Ifeanyichukwu Oruruo, be it in music, politics, science or theology our greatest achievers are rule breakers, they are controversial, they mirror insanity, they are not normal because normal is the one thing none of us should aspire to be.

Normal is an often abused word that has come to mean mediocre, dependent and human in the poorest sense of the word.

You do not have to be normal, you can be extraordinary, you can be human in the truest sense of the word - God.

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