LIVEN Community Financial Inclusion Centre (C.F.I.C)

Commited to the financial development of Nigerians no matter their location.

The Centre is dedicated to providing access to the financial tools needed for the development of the internal communities of Nigeria. It is not a bank and does not seek to do the job of banking but rather focuses on providing its members with the tools they need to function in their home communities without requiring access to the city.


Value Proposition

L.I.V.E.N is both an activist position and a capitalist proposition because great enterprises change the social landscape while creating untold wealth.

We are rooted in sound economic principals and a deep understanding that without socio-economic considerations a business may prosper today but has no future.

Business at its best is an entrepreneurial attempt to close the gap between the ideal and the status quo. L.I.V.E.N is about change yet L.I.V.E.N is about business because business is about needs.

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