Business Driven by Need!

While we have been in the Nigeria corporate environment for 7 years are consultants and project managers, our independent developments are just getting started.

Below are our 1st steps in the journey of a thousand miles.

Real Estate

Sector: Real Estate.

Vision: To change what is acceptable living standards in Nigeria for both homes and commercial environments.

Approach: Enclave takes a comprehensive approach to development and aims to build entire communities and not just houses. In fact for the most part we allow other developers and individuals home owners to build within our developments. Our primary focus is in infrastructure, planning and synergy oversight. We profit from land value appreciation through the implimentation of advanced infrastructure including power, water, waste mangement, security etc., and utilities charges to end users.

Flagship Project: ENCLAVE - Dream City: A 100 Acre city development that will accomodate 10,000 residents and 2,500 workers. LEARN MORE>> or INVEST>>.

G-D.A.M (Global Distribution for African Media)

Sector: Media.

Vision: To improve the quality of African Media works, including Written, Audio and Visual creations, through global distribution and copyright protection.

Approach: To form a mass collective of production companies in a varied range of fields, providing central resources, including financing in exchange for artistic excellence, exclusive rights and free reign on distribution.

Flagship Project: GENIUS: A Book about life written by King Ifeanyi Oruruo, which we are branding to be a global best seller and a promotional mechanism for publishing other works by Nigerian authors. LEARN MORE>> or INVEST>>.

Health Care
L.I.V.E.N Health

Sector: Health Care.

Vision: To secure the health of the Nigerian people through preventative and curative medical practices with component research and innovation for advanced solutions.

Approach: A chain of medical facilities with gradating scales and degrees of advancements, which augment and support each other. Our focus is on preventative and curative medicine, combining traditional approaches with internally developed solutions, including dietary and lifestyle solutions.

Flagship Project: L.I.V.E.N Health Centre - Nkanu: An 8 story hospital with multiple specialties, serving the Nkanu West LGA and Enugu City. LEARN MORE>> or INVEST>>.


Sector: Transportation.

Vision: To simply the shipment of parcels and freight from, into and across Nigeria and crash the prices to reason.

Approach: We are building a complex chain of resources including logistics warehouses, interstate transport trucks, delivery vehicles and global alliances to ensure seamless movement across Nigeria at a reduced cost. Our approach is economics of scale and optimal efficiency through invasive competition like comprehensive and secure night movements.

Flagship Project: LUNIEX - Terminal 1 Enugu: A complete revisit of freight and parcel movements in and out of Enugu and affecting neighbouring states. LEARN MORE>>or INVEST>>.

MERIGION - The King's Playhouse

Sector: Hospitality.

Vision: To build an organic expression of Nigeria leisure and hospitality and the #1 Leisure Hospitality Brand in Nigeria.

Approach: From architecture to amenities, services, people and ideas we are creating a germane expression of Nigerian hospitality that will call out to Nigerians and foreigners alike. We are building themed resorts, which take attributes from the local environment and culture making them irreplicable anywhere else, and building at the scale to saturate the local market and forestall adverse competition.

Flagship Project: MERIGION - The King's Playhouse: A complete revisit of freight and parcel movements in and out of Enugu and affecting neighbouring states. LEARN MORE>>or INVEST>>.


Oruruo Foods

Sector: Agriculture.

Vision: To change what Nigerians accept as food, inclusive of quality, range, taste and organic foundations.

Approach: Oruruo Foods is concerned with price, quality, and variety, it is therefore not focused on any particular product. Our approach is value chain development across Farming, Processing, Production, Trading and in the end Branded products that lend insultation from market forces. We are in the business of capturing value from waste and inefficiencies in agrculture through mass development of organic agriculture, integrated with modern technologies.

Flagship Project: ORURUO FOODS - Integrated Diary Farm - ENUGU: A vision to develop the agriculture value chain in the South-East Region. LEARN MORE>> or INVEST>>.

Businesses: G-D.A.M: We are building a global distribution network from African Media of all kinds, allowing the ploliferation of our music, writings, movies and more, with copywrite protection and quality production. LEARN MORE>>

S.E.I.T (South East Institute of Technology)

Sector: Education.

Vision: To build the leaders and innovators that will fabricate the comprehensive technological development of Nigeria and force its arrival in the league of developed nations.

Approach: We are building not just classrooms but also practical learning environments including corporate bodies that work independent of the institution but allow the students a tailored access to the day to day workings of technologies.

Flagship Project: S.E.I.T - Diploma Program: An advanced certificate program in Engineering. It will teach Computing, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Natural Sciences, Material Sciences and Management of Engineering initiatives. LEARN MORE>> or INVEST>>.


Value Proposition

L.I.V.E.N is both an activist position and a capitalist proposition because great enterprises change the social landscape while creating untold wealth.

We are rooted in sound economic principals and a deep understanding that without socio-economic considerations a business may prosper today but has no future.

Business at its best is an entrepreneurial attempt to close the gap between the ideal and the status quo. L.I.V.E.N is about change yet L.I.V.E.N is about business because business is about needs.

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