Press Release

April.16.2014: Press Release for The Banquet For Change, in Oakland, California, USA

L.I.V.E.N Comes to Oakland (May.3.2014)

old enugu state Starting with a dream in 2011 L.I.V.E.N Capital is now one of the companies to watch in the new Nigeria investment arena. A small investment firm founded with $250,000 of personal cash investment it is coming into it’s own. Still we know that we have only scratched the surface of our possibilities.
Still a start-up and operating out of a well set but quaint office in the heart of Enugu Nigeria, we are taking our show on the road to engage investors in their comfort zones.
On May 3rd the first of a 7 event series brings us to Oakland, California as we host the Banquet for Change. The Banquet is an opportunity for us to celebrate our early supporters as well as to give investors an opportunity to vet us.
Open to Private Investors, Private Equity, Financial Professionals and the General Nigerian Public our banquet presents an opportunity to showcase intentions and earn supporters.
It is no longer business as usual in Nigeria. A company has risen which values integrity and has the political access, local knowledge and global standards requisite for successful investments in Nigeria.
LIVEN Capital represents a grand expression of ideals and positive development in Nigeria, change agents that make investing in Nigeria a no brainer. You are invited to a banquet for change. An opportunity for us to share with you the triumphs thus far, the possibilities ahead and to seek partnerships as we continue to invest and build the enterprises essential to a thriving Nigeria.

LIVEN Capital has created an eco-system for investment, that allows you a safe foray into the Nigerian arena, reaping great economic returns from one of the most productive investment environments in the world, while laying claim to the pride of owning positive pieces of a new Nigeria.

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