Product Finance

Some of our businesses have individual products that can stand alone in the market place, you can invest in them as a clean short term investment with wonderful returns.

Product finance allows you to buy into the development of a specific product or service which the market is in need of.

Current Idea Development Opportunities:

Passionate WorkersMan Down: Man Down is a movie about a Nigerian Trader whose business is under-attack by forces he cannot understand, over the course of an action packed movie he discovers the power of the global elite and their network of bankers, secret agents and schemes. It is a thriller built for a Global Audience with ample investment in Action Sequences, Storylines and Cinematography.

Minimum Investment: ₦200 Million ($1,000,000) for a 10% Stake in the Idea

Return on Investment: Equal Share of 80% of the gross earnings up to a point, 50-50 Share Beyond.

Investment Maturity: 2 Years Development Cycle.

The Product: Man Down is a production that will be powered by GDAM (Global Distribution for African Media). It will be marketed in Nigeria, The United States and China with a deep focus on breaking the marketing ceiling on African Movies. It will be available in Theatres, DVD and Online Releases in all 3 Countries and as many others as possible.

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Disclaimer: These are corporate bonds and not NSE securities, they are guided by contracts between LIVEN Capital and the bond holder and are often secured by the assets of the particular investment in which they are placed. You can learn more about bonds by visiting the (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria's website at