LIVEN Capital is built to create transformational enterprises designed to speed up the development of Nigeria. We hunger for a nation our citizens will be proud to identify with, both for economic prowess and social development.
Designed as an eco-system for investment, we are always open to capital from all credible sources. We issue corporate bonds, open up our businesses for equity investment and accept financial support, partnership and sponsorship using a wide range of traditional and custom investment instruments.

LIVEN Capital issues corporate bonds to finance projects in subsidiaries. It is also a way of stimulating public participation in our enterprises.
Our bond investments start at ₦500,000 ($2,500) and pays a guaranteed interest ranging from 10-20% depending on the tenure. SEE BONDS

You can own shares (equity) in LIVEN Capital companies either by buying directly from us during initial public offerings or buying from other shareholders using our share trading platforms. Share holding starts around ₦10million ($50,000) and differs from business to business. It is the most profitable way to invest, but is also for long term investors. SEE SHARE OPPORTUNITIES

We spend a tremendous amount of time and money to develop our business ideas and bring them to market. Idea finance allows you to partner with us by investing in the cost of idea development in exchange for a preset amount of money once the idea is brought to market. Idea finance opportunities start at about ₦200million ($1million) and pay out an average of 100% profit within a period of 2-3 years. SEE IDEA OPPORTUNITIES

For products and services which have a clear mass benefit independent of the whole, for example a specific Film (Media) or Packages Food (Agriculture) or Drug (Health Care) we offer a platform for investors to finance its development independent of the whole company, and benefit directly from the profits of the particular product. This allows us to bring great ideas to market faster. Product Finance Starts anywhere from ₦10million ($50,000) and produces an average return of 50% of investment within a 1-2 year period. SEE PRODUCT OPPORTUNITIES