Idea Finance

At LIVEN we invest alot in developing ideas into intellectual property that have an economic value and you can invest in helping us create the next great idea.

Each of our businesses start off as an idea and when it is capitalized by investors the idea is sold or converted into equity. By investing with us in developing the idea we will be happy to share the profits. The expected return is a guaranteed rate and so you never have to worry about how much you will get.

Current Idea Development Opportunities:

Passionate WorkersS.E.I.T (South East Institute of Technology): The South East Institute of Technology is a proposed University of Engineering Studies. Our mission is to create the #1 University of Engineering here in Nigeria. It is a painstaking development which will include site surveys, community negotiatons, architectural drawings and business foundations that will make this an actionable plan.

Minimum Investment: ₦100 Million ($500,000) for a 10% Stake in the Idea

Return on Investment: 100% of Investment

Investment Maturity: 2 Years Development Cycle.

The Business: The South East Institute of Technology will be a multi-billion dollar investment that will catapult education in Nigeria to the next level. It will be a true research institution with a focus on practical learning and the aim of raising leaders, innovators and entreprenuers in the field of Engineering. As currently slated it will be sited on 1,545 acres of land and will feature full development of classrooms, living quarters, support enterprises and auxilary services from day one. It will have the capacity for 40,000 Students, initiating with at least 4,000 on day one.

Invest Now: If you wish to invest Call Us For more information 090-5393-4405 (Country Code +234)

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