Career Introduction

Passionate WorkersThere are no jobs here at LIVEN Capital, here we offer you a career, opportunities for you to actualize your dreams and build a business within our business.

We build and manage many businesses and there are ample opportunities for anyone to work for us or our subsidiaries and partners. In either case we offer the best possible compensation, fair working conditions and above all, advancement opportunities.

We always hire from within when possible and so no matter your position at entry be rest assured that the sky is your limit at LIVEN.

Here we believe in integrity, we believe in loyalty and we believe in the power of the human mind and the limitless potential of the individual and so we love workers that bring creative contributions, we welcome strategy suggestions and we support internal innovation.

We are a family, a partnership of passionate people, fighting to build socially sustainable and economically viable business that can power the development of this great nation.

If you think you fit into that vision, you are welcome to join us.




There are many departments within our organisation to which you can apply, you can click any of the links below to see more information on the positions available in each area.