Merigion is a brand of leisure hospitality resorts we are building in Nigeria. It is a vision to be the #1 Leisure Hospitality Brand in Nigeria and will involve the development of at least 10 Resorts across Nigeria. It is a brand focused on Tourist Travel and Vacationers which will foster local cultural exchange and international tourism.

We have started with our Flagship Merigion - The King's Playhouse.

Below are summaries of The King's Playhouse:

merigion the king's playhouse

Project Summary:

Land: 126 Acres located 30 minutes from the City Center and Airport, surrounded by a natural lake.

Classification: Resort

Main Attractions: Lake, Accommodations, Gardens and Events

Accommodations: 5 Hotels (207 Rooms of 5 Star Accommodations, 500 Rooms of 4 Star Accomodations and 1,000 Rooms of 3 Star Accommodations plus Residences and Condominiums


{} Rasputia Aquatic Center (A fullscale aquatic centre boasting an olympic sized pool, the world's largest grill and seating for 3,000)

{} Shopping Centres (13 Stores in the 5 Star Palace and Larger Malls attached to the 3 and 4 Star Hotels)

{} Gardens (40 acres of gardens boasting the entire range of Nigeria's Floral Diversity, with plants from all States and Regions)

{} Lake and other attraction (Bordered by a lakeside development that will see other synergetic development including a Zoo)

Development Timeline:

Ground Breaking: January 2017

Grand Opening: December 2019

Financial Profile:

Cost of Development: ₦35billion ($176million)

Revenue Expectations: ₦72billion ($251million)

Operating Income: ₦52.5billion ($263.8million)

Operational Profitability: 2 Years

Income Maturity: 5 Years

Investment Profile:

Bonds: ₦200million ($1million) or more per instrument

Convertible Bonds: Open to discussion

Equity/Shareholding: ₦2.19Billion ($11million) minimum investment

Loans: Open to discussion


Nigeria is lacking leisure spaces that allow all out family fun. Today the hospitality industry is filled with offering for the business man, the partying man and very little for the family man and the morally reserved mom. Merigion offers a solution to that, our venues are open for people of all walks of life as a venue for good clean fun. They offer educational value, mixed ethnic social interation and an inspiration for Nigerian’s to travel across their great nation.

ECONOMIC RETURN: The King's Playhouse presents a great return on investment. It is expected to be operationally profitable by the second year.

We expect it to product 150% of Development Cost as profit per annum. This figure if achieved is incredible.

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