On the road to building the #1 leisure hospitality brand in Nigeria, here is the 1st step and ohhh what a step.

Welcome to the unveiling of the future of Nigerian Hospitality.

By attending the Banquet you can access all the details of the development and find your fit inthe most lucrative hospitality development in Nigeria.

Merigion - The King's Playhouse, is our 1st resort and the flagship of the Merigion Brand. This wonderful development in Enugu, Nigerian grows around the Palace Building Below. This concept is the result of 2 years of intense architectural, resource, market strategy and business planning. Upon completion it will be the only "true" resort in the South East and the best resort in Nigeria.


The King's Playhouse is comes with sound economic planning and takes advantage of Enugu's designation as a hub of social activity in the South East. A key play is our 4,000 person "pillarless" Grand Ballroom, seen below.

Beyond Banquets our play on leisure includes a full aquatic center with an olympic sized pool, V.I.P viewing boxes, Restaurant and Bar and a host of facilities that make it relevant as a competition venue which attracts attention and equally a leisure facility which amplifies fun.

The Resort also houses special accomodations that ensure it is a true vacation and leisure play. These include Condominiums and Gated Residences that can be owned by resident investors and is leasable to the public when not in use. Below is our Villa Residence.

Building a "real" resort is not just about buildings, it must be a destination and an experience and everywhere you turn at The King's Playhouse you will see access to experiences. The Palace Hotel alone houses 3 swimming pools, 4 restaurants, 7 hospitality lounges, 13 guest tailored stores, gaming facilities and a host of services that amplify user experience and maximize guest expense in the resort. Below is the penthouse pool which counterlevers of the 6th floor.

It is an experience, It is a destination, It is an attraction, and at the heart of that is our 250acres of manucured grounds, featuring botanical gardens that exhibit Nigeria's biodiversity, floral bliss and plant elegance in Orchards, Gardens, Mazes and Creative Attractions, that will amaze any traveller no matter how well travelled. Below is the Love Garden.

This wonderful dream, is in motion, it is being created by a collective of investors from in and out of the country and you should be a part of it. Join us for the 2018 L.I.V.E.N Capital Banquet for Change and you will get a full view of our development and guaranteed access to investment with concessions, discounts and guarantees that are not offered to the public.

FOR INVESTORS: Get in on the ground floor of this wonderful development as an investor and reap unparalled returns on investment while taking pride in owning a magnificent piece of Nigeria's development.

FOR CONTRACTORS: Gain an opportunity to work on the flagship project of the LIVEN Capital organization and lay the foundation for long term business with us and prime exposure of your capacity to the Nigerian market.

FOR EMPLOYEES: Gain an opportunity to work at home with the most dynamic organization in modern Nigeria and place yourself on the cusp of history with limitless career opportunities and the Merigion Brand and LIVEN Capital's investments expand.

FOR PARTNERS: Lucratively participate in the fortright development of Nigeria.