The Banquet is a celebration!

Our roster of entertainment is blended to ensure that you will enjoy every minute of The Banquet for Change. Change is a worthy cause, it is not a boring cause, it is exciting, divine and essential and so is the wonderful lineup of entertainers we have amassed to keep your night alive and divine.


We are bringing to each show a wonderful mash up of cultural dance troops, modern Nigerian musical performances and artistic displays like never before.

We are financing a perfect display of Nigerian cultural excellence at a level you have never seen before, outside of home.



Throughout the night you will be overwhelmed with exhibitions of the greatest of Nigerian culture, including art exhibition, fashion presentations, comedic and theatrical intermissions.

We aim to showcase the best of who we are at home and abroad.

Lighting up all faces with joy, amusement and nostalgia with a litany of cultural exhibitions.


Never before have you experienced the advanced menu options we will present at the Banquet. In a feast suited for any royal family we will thrill you with our extensive 7 courses of culinary masterpieces designed by Nigerian Chefs and representative of the most gastronomically excellent rendering of original Nigerian cuisine from across our many ethnic groups.

The meals, drinks and wine options will advance your understanding of Nigerian cuisine and encourage glutony.


Chief Host: King Ifeanyi Oruruo

One of the most dynamic speakers in modern Nigeria, a conversation with King Oruruo is a lesson in hope. His optimism, humanity, charm and humor brings out the best in anyone who has heard him speak.

A sound intellectual mind and visionary leader he brings authenticity, fidelity and renowned committment to excellence, fairness and equity to the entire banquet series.

At the banquet he will also unveil his new book (Genius: A little about me and alot about how you can be exceptional).