The Banquet for Change is about the development of our great nation. We can continue to argue about the many things that are wrong about Nigeria but we can also choose to make it better.

The Banquet started in 2014 in Oakland, California, with a second one in 2015 in Enugu, Nigeria.

The Banquet for Change is a platform for action, it gives us a forum to gather Resources, Ideas, Human and Financial Capital which we can aim directly at Nigeria's problems, obliterating negative social conditions through economic investment.

This year's Banquet is aimed at Tourism in Nigeria. We are gathering to build Merigion - The King's Playhouse, a revolutionary addition to Leisure Travel in Nigeria, that will change what it means to travel in Nigeria and we hope that you will be a part of this development.


We are hosting 7 Banquets across the United States, in Oakland, CA ~ Los Angeles, CA ~ Houston, TX, Baltimore, MD ~ Washington, D.C ~ Atlanta, GA and New York, NY.

We cordially invite you to the exquisite LIVEN Capital Banquet for Change.

Each Banquet will include;

Culinary Exuberance ~ A 7 course traditional Nigerian meal with samplings from multiple ethnic groups (Learn more)

Exhilarating Entertainment, including traditional dance troop and modern musical entertainment from Nigerian artists (Learn more)

Cultural Exhibitions, including Art, Fashion and more. (Learn more)

Employment opportunities, for Nigerians seeking to work in our developments. (Learn more)

Business networking for organizations and individuals that wish to collaborate on our development and other positive contributions to the Nigerian state. (Learn more)

And finally, investment presentations and discount investment opportunities in our resort brand Merigion. (Learn more)

Allow L.I.V.E.N Capital to be your host as we treat you to a Banquet you will never forget.

This ultra-exclusive event is capped off by the opportunity to invest in Merigion, it is a night you cannot afford to miss.


Date: Saturday.May.5.2018

Time: 5pm Prompt

Venue: Oakland Marriot City Center

    1001 Broadway

    Oakland, California, USA 94607