Events & Entertainment

Our roster of entertainment is blended to ensure that you will enjoy every minute of The Banquet for Change. Change is a worthy cause, it is not a boring cause, it is exciting, divine and essential and so is the wonderful lineup of entertainers we have amassed to keep your night alive and divine.



We are bringing to each show a wonderful mash up of cultural dance troops, modern Nigerian musical performances and artistic displays like never before.

We are financing a perfect display of Nigerian cultural excellence at a level you have never seen before, outside of home.





The Songstress behind Awww, she is a fast rising star of Nigerian music.

About: A member of the infamous MAVIN Records headed by Don Jazzy, her pitch adds feminine sensation to some of Nigeria's most popular tunes including Adaobi, Dorobucci, Looku Looku etc.

Her unique blend of Soultry sensation, Pitchy Rendering and Affectionate performance will wow you.




Never before has Nigerian Fashion Been Given the prestige we will give it at this years Banquet. Gathering Nigerian Fashion Brands from Nigeria and Across the globe we will exhibit our culture and art on a global stage.

Exhibitors: Exhibitors will be selected openly from submission through Youtube and will include all quality Nigerian Designs by Nigeria's or anyone else.





During the Banquet a Unique assortment of 3 course meals will be provided for any appetite, including a Wine menu fit for Royals.

Dinners: A selection of meal options from all across will give you access to a range most restaurants can't match.

Drinks: A wide selection of Beers, Wines, Juices and Spirits both from Local and International Collections will be served as you please.



King Ifeanyi Oruruo

While he is not an entertainer, a presentation by King Oruruo is a thriller.

About: He is the founder and CEO of LIVEN Capital and brings a passion, humor and personality to the evening that is exhilarating to watch.

As the Chairman/C.E.O he represents the embodyment of this vision of social development through economic investment in Nigeria. He has global foundations, a Nigerian focus and is proven in his commitment to the development of Nigeria.

This is just the beginning, many other elements are being prepared to ensure that this is a night you can never forget.

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