The 2018 LIVEN Capital Banquet for Change is our most elaborate banquet to date, it is a tour of 7 U.S cities.

The benefits for both attendees and partners will be immense. In creating this agenda we have made sure that all events are synergetic and add value to the lives of all participants. We as Nigerians are one of the world's most endowed people but a lack of visionary leadership has keep us in the back of the line, under the leadership of King Ifeanyi Oruruo, LIVEN Capital provides a banner through which we can re-invent the Nigerian society together.


Our businesses are built on great ideas and at the banquet we will share them with you, as well as listen to yours, we believe that together we can build a Nigeria that works - only together.

Your innovative ideas can find it into our development and we are willing to compensate for the best ideas and to integrate their creators into our developments.

Beyond our developments we are eager to assist the best ideas into the Nigerian market.




It is people that ensure the progress of an organization and at the banquet we will be screening Nigerians who wish to work in the resort development.

Opportunities stretch across all aspects of the 5 hotels and multiple facilities in the resort and includes duties in the expanse of LIVEN Capital's investments in Agriculture, Health Care and Media.

We are also eager to assist returnees from the diapora even with integration into partner institutions




We build on land, with license, with intellectual property, friendships and other resources that are about capacities outside of our organization.

At the banquet we wish to meet community leaders, friends, well wishers and organizations who have contributions and contracting abilities that will support an excellent development.

The banquet is a platform to negotiate relationships and to grow bonds for business developments.



This event offers an opportunity to invest in Merigion, our new resort brand development.

It will give you access to the people creating the project for 1 on 1 interactions and discussions.

We will also unveil special offers and concessions that will allow advanced shareholder value for you, including gurantees on investment capital and returns.





At the heart of this banquet is a desire to raise $220million for the development of the most glorious resort in the history of Nigeria.

Click Here for a summary of the resort development.


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