I often feel like a tulip in a rose bush. Our country has become so derelict that it scares achievers, it cowers genius, it intimidates integrity, because it reward thugs, awards fraud and praises mediocrity.

We live in a country where a dual carriage way and a gutter is an innovation, where then does dreams of best in the world innovations fall?

The ideal is an alien concept in Nigeria and that is why I feel like a tulip in a rose bush, yet I believe that there are others like me. Among our leaders, citizens, captains of industry and trading community, there are Nigerians who divinely care to build a Nigeria which sits at the top of global affairs. Not as a dublicate but as a leader.

At the 2nd Annual L.I.V.E.N Capital Banquet for Change we will all have the opportunity to participate in Building Excellence again. A resort will grow out of the soils of Enugu, Nigeria that will be a monument to the creative ingenity of the Nigerian Child, the economic prowless of our resiliant economy and the power of unity.

The Banquet For Change is for you, my fellow tulips in a rose bush.


King Ifeanyi Oruruo


LIVEN Capital


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