Letter from the Host

King Ifeanyi OruruoI had a vision for Nigeria in 2011 which seemed impossible, gradually that vision morphed into the LIVEN Capital you see today and we are just getting started because that vision includes you.

The vision I had was that through economic investment in core areas of Nigerian life we can eliminate social ills. It was that we could build global enterprises that are world leaders in their field from the shores of Nigeria. It was that we could champion the development of our great nation by building businesses designed from the beginning to tackle Nigerian challenges, built by Nigerians, run by Nigerians and for Nigerians.

The achievement of this vision spelled the development of a vehicle that will allow Idea, Resource, Human and Financial Capital to exist under one roof, it also spelled the need to find investors who cared equally for the economic returns and the social impact of their investments.

The Banquet For Change is a building block in the development of this "Eco-System" called LIVEN Capital, every year it aims to provide a meeting ground between the leadership and partners of LIVEN Capital and LIVEN Capital Enterprises with prospective and active financial, human, resource and idea partners.

This year I will unveil our resort development - Merigion, this brand, the result of 2 years of full-time dedication represents the most lucrative opportunity in Nigerian Hospitality and its social benefits are equally mind blowing.

We will come to you open, revealing in full our capacities, exposing our weaknesses and granting access to investment. We hope that you will come and see what we represent both in terms of economic returns and in social value to our people. This opportunity will be the story of the year.

Join us and I personally assure you a night you can never forget.

You are cordially invited.

Humbly at your service

King Ifeanyi Oruruo


LIVEN Capital