About The Banquet


The sustainance of our committment to socially sustainable and economically viable enterprises that aid the development of Nigeria, through alignement with value investors who are motivated by similar ideals.


The Banquet For Change is an annual gathering organized by LIVEN Capital in which we aim to build new relationships and develop existing relationships with value oriented investors.

It is a proving ground in which we showcase our achievement thus far, promote our programs for the coming year and introduce new talent, ideas and partners to all.


The idea for the Banquet For Change was born in 2013 and the first banquet was held in Oakland, California USA on May. 3rd. 2014.

The first event featured mild entertainment, fine dinning and was family oriented. The guestlist was made up of friends, business associates and members of the Nigerian community in California.

It was a fun event and it's main purpose was the official launch of LIVEN Capital as a company.

The next banquet is set for Sunday.December.20th 2015, in Enugu State, Nigeria and you should be here.