Founder: At the heart of LIVEN Capital is its visionary founder. A young and passionate Nigerian renowned for his unbreakable commitment to development in Nigeria, he is equally questioned for his lofty, euphoric visions as he is respected for the undying passion committed to ensure their success. Learn More...

Methodology and Principals: LIVEN Capital is about utilizing the production efficiencies of capitalism to create rapid social economic development in Nigeria.

The name is an acronym that stands for { Life Invested in a Vital Enterprise – Nigeria }.

We are in the business of building businesses. At LIVEN our core task is to spot opportunities, develop ideas, and bring together the man power, capital and operational resources necessary to create the enterprises of the futures.

Our core purpose is to deliver economic dividends to our investors and social dividends to the Nigerian people. Learn more...

Focus: We invest and build businesses in 7 core sectors of the Nigerian economy, this is done in line with our desire to be a catalyst for social as well as economic development in Nigeria.

Our 7 strategic sectors are;

  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Media
  • Transportation

Learn more about our chosen industries...


Management: We are founded on sound economics and a consciousness for the interconnectivity of lives. We build with the understanding that our ability to achieve greatness deeply depends on our ability to build this nation.

We are headed by a committed Chairman/C.E.O
Guided by an experienced Board of Directors
Operated by a creative Executive Team
And supported by a limitless network of investors and partners.

VISION: LIVEN Capital has an explicit mission "Building socially sustainable and economically viable enterprises, that aid the development of Nigeria. Learn more...