Our Focus Sectors

Focus: We invest and build businesses in 7 core sectors of the Nigerian economy, this is done in line with our desire to be a catalyst for social as well as economic development in Nigeria. Most of these sectors are chosen both as a result of deep social need as well as pragmatic economic interest.

Here are our 7 strategic sectors and some of the reasoning behind their selection;

Agriculture: With 170 million mouths to feed Nigeria is a massive market for Consumables and Agricultural Produce, this market has its challenges but in those challenges are tremendous opportunities. The vast arable lands and the high volumes of import create a ready market for locally produced import substitutes, its leadership of ECOWAS and strategic access to land and water ways into West Africa creates a potentially 340million person market due to the propensity of the surrounding nation to import food items.

On a social level agriculture is selected based on its position as a basic need for human existence, the deficiencies of the current industry and the need for healthy and reasonably priced options for the Nigerian people. Learn more about agriculture in Nigeria. | Invest in Agriculture.

Hospitality: All across the 923,768 km² of Nigeria are some of the most wonderful exhibitions of Nature. In the one country you can find Lakes, Hotsprings, Beaches | Mountains, Rocks, Plateaus | Rare Fauna, Rain Forest, Desert | Lions, Crocodiles, Gorrillas. It is a wonderful country that has ill harnessed. It house no adequate Museams, Zoos, Wildlife Sanctuary and even suffers a deficiency in mere leisure resorts.

In this same Nigeria there exists 170million people of which at least 35million engage in consistent travel and yet there are few hotel chains, standards are not respected and the range is incredibly limited. These conditions present a perfect market for investment.

On a social front tourism and hospitality offerings are central to the emergence of any nation on the world stage. Done right it offer stress release and social engagement for the local population and at LIVEN this social engagement and tourist attraction will be our focus. Learn more about Hospitality in Nigeria. | Invest in Hospitality.

Real Estate: Real Estate is a core sector of the Nigerian economy, with an estimated residential market demand of 17million units it will be hard to explain why any serious investor will not look at this market. In Nigeria there is a lot of room for developments in residential, commercial, industrial and landed estates. Urbanisation creates a tremendous opportunity both by freeing up rural land for agricultural or industrial estates and creating demand for city dwellings and corporate developments.

Socially housing is a basic need for human survival and our intention is to build what we call "human developments". Properties build with a consciousness for the end user and not purely driven by a myopic view of economic returns. Learn more about Real Estate in Nigeria. | Invest in Real Estate.

Education: Education in Nigeria is a thriving business, years of neglect of public institutions opened up the market to private enterprise and the result is a proliferation of private schools from Creche to University level. The Nigerian market is furthermore attractive as a result of the massive amounts that parents are will to commit to a good education. With over 68million school aged children, Nigeria presents a unique opportunity to profit from education.

Socially education is central to the development of any society and our investments in Education are a key aspect of our commitment to Nigeria. Our play is for highly advanced and qualitative options that will change the mix of offerings in the Nigerian education market. Invest in Education.

Health Care: Health Care in Nigeria is a wonderfully open market. With over $750million spent annually on medical tourism and a higher number spent locally in private medical care the market is wide open for investment. The opportunities here are further expanded by the laxities of the currently available solutions and the lack of chained/economically scalled private operations.

Socially health care is akin to food for the weary and the transformation of this sector fits so well in our drive to ensure that our country is one of the greatest nations on the face of the earth. A healthy population will enable all other dreams to be possible and so health care is a central pillar in our visions for Nigeria.

Media: When we speak of media it is all inclusive, television, print, digital you name it. In Nigeria this field is gravely untapped, in television there are only 3 local providers that are worth mentioning, in Radio few still, in print the number increases but the quality, consistency and depth of work is shoddy at best and the same applies to digital media. With quality offerings and a global approach we can build media companies that full benefit from modern access to global markets and in turn utilise the inherent revenue potentials to build wonderful solutions for the Nigerian audience. Invest in Media.

In social settings media is central to the flow of information, entertainment, education and cultural expresssion and our selection of media as a focus takes these needs into consideration. We believe in the empowerment of the Nigerian people, through customized programming and media mediums that suit their past, stimulate their present existence and illuminates their future.

Transportation: Transportation in Nigeria is an open market, in Air Transport there is only one threating player, in road transport there are many strong players but the market is highly fragmented with no dominant figures. In sea transport the focus is on Oil and Gas with human conveyance highly neglected, in rail there is also much room but no where is the gap more alluring than in freight transport. In a country whose economy is the 26th in the world, there are no strong players getting goods in the hands of the people. This is the market in which we invest, an open sea of opportunity.

Socially transportation is a core need, allowing for access to all the other activities, the movement of people, goods and services is central to a modern economy and within the powers of private enterprise we wish to leave our mark. Invest in Transportation.