Narrated by the founder…

Reading company histories I often observe politically correct statements and safe depictions. This will not be like any of those as I understand that with my success comes a lot of influence on young entrepreneurs and I want them to see the "reality" in everything we do.

In many ways LIVEN Capital started at birth because my 1st two loves are making money and the progress of my beloved country Nigeria. LIVEN is my opportunity to bring the two together, creating wealth and development through one channel.


LIVEN Capital was not a strategic business decision and it was not started out of my great intelligence as an innovator. Instead it is born of small experiences which I neglected as they came not understanding their importance to a future whole.

From stints at the United States Postal Service, to an early habit of reading broadly 2 hours a day, to annual visits to Nigeria, nature nurtured me into the creation of this enterprise.  As I searched for a solution to the crisis of development killing my nation I was opportune to meet like minded people in political and economic circles and over time LIVEN Capital as it is was born.

Its true birth came from a decision upon my return to Nigeria in 2011 to follow the directions of my spirit without question. It is founded on spiritual vision, mental analysis and physical effort.

March 2011: I was in Nigeria to scout opportunities, at the time I was blessed to have a successful U.S based advertising company and so much of my attention was focused on how to serve the same offerings to the Nigerian people. Throughout that trip I met a tremendous amount of brilliant and enterprising young Nigerian many with this “crazy” idea that travelling abroad was the solution to their problems, eager to understand I engaged them in daily arguments and arrived at a conclusion that Nigeria kills dreams.

L.I.V.E.N was born in those meetings in March of 2011. It was founded as a solution to the flight of ideas which occurs in Nigeria daily. At the time I did not know how best to approach this problem, I had many ideas but how would they work in the Nigerian environment. First I needed to fully understand the problem before I could proffer an honest solution.

LIVEN is the result of 18month of further research and while I am sure there is still more to learn LIVEN is the implementation of what we have learned so far.
The answer to Nigeria's woes is not Visa’s or Charity. What Nigeria needs is globally competitive production, full utilization of manpower and enterprises which hire and promote strictly on merit. Businesses founded on true analysis of economic viability and anchored on lasting social needs.

February/20/2013: L.I.V.E.N commenced initial operations, with the formation of a 7 member executive and the establishment of a board of directors. This board and executive team was later dissolved as personal interests, budget restraints, knew knowledge and a general lack of true leadership among other issues became insurmountable.

May/3/013: We began active investments in the company LIVEN Capital budgeting well over $1million to set in place the most analytical and real time data driven investment company in Nigeria. This dream was not achieved the vision was threatened.

July/2013: With ample understanding of the markets requirements we commenced a restructure of the executive team and the board of directors. The business strategy was moved from a Venture Capital style operation to a holding company strategy which we believe is ideal for the current state of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Still our focus remains in tapping into the creative minds of entrepreneurs to create the companies of the future.

We developed 7 prime investment opportunities which we opened to potential investors and banking partners, we have also opened our doors to entrepreneurs and started receiving submissions of ideas from all across the country.

August 2013 - July 2014: In August we completed legal registeration and refocused the company. We embarked on a mission to further develop our ideas, taking more time to restructure and develop an executive team and board of directors based on mutual interest.

On May 3rd we launch the company officially in an event in the United States titled "Banquet for Change", to much applause by the local Nigerian community.

In June we commited more resources to our Logbaby.com business and we are looking forward to the results and will be investing N50mil ($303,000) into its development over the course of our 2014/15 fiscal year.

In July we canceled NESDES 2014 (A summit) due to a lack of preparation on our part and a desire to ensure that we do not host it just for show.



In many ways LIVEN Capital is still a startup, continue to fight to bring our visions to the fore and we look forward to serving this country in unprecedented ways, curbing the flight of ideas and giving breath to innovation.

There is a power in youth which the gods neither oppose nor can man contain, that is what we are here to unleash on the problems facing our great nation.

L.I.V.E.N is committed to building economically viable yet socially sustainable enterprises.

Tomorrow is coming and we are pushing it…