King Ifeanyi Oruruo is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LIVEN Capital. He started his career in Oakland, California, USA as a Video Producer with KDOL TV 13.

He is a serial entrepreneur who spearheaded many organizations in the United States of America including SAMPP, INC which is still operating in the United States and in which he is the Chairman.

King Ifeanyi OruruoIn 2011 he moved back to Nigeria out of a fervent desire to participate in its growth and development. Although he has no political aspirations he is in love with Nigeria and wishes to do everything in his power to grow the country through enterprise.

In 2013 he founded LIVEN Capital as a vehicle for his visions, merging his global relationships and local partnerships towards the development of the businesses of the future, mammoth enterprises that will transform the Nigerian marketplace.

The name LIVEN Capital comes from his own personal commitment to live a {Life Invested in a Vital Enterprise - Nigeria}. It is his personal commitment but also the shared commitment of his partners and associates to build businesses that solve problems and profit from change.

The choice of our focus industries of Agriculture, Hospitality, Health Care, Transportation, Real Estate, Media and Education all come from his personal passions and represent areas where his intuitions, intellectual capacities and personal interests function optimally.

A polymath, he has a vast repository of knowledge, he also commits himself to a reading schedule of no less that 2 hours per day and as a result has a vast knowledge in fields related and unrelated that affect our ability to operate optimally in the Agriculture, Health Care, Hospitality, Media, Education, Real Estate and Transportation sectors of the Nigerian economy. He speaks excellent English, Igbo, is learning Russian and has relationships across the globe covering Nigeria, Russia, Britain and the United States.

He is the driving force behind this wonderful vehicle and true interactions with him will show you why this is the right place to invest, work or partner.

He is 28 years old and his hobbies include reading, tennis and intimate conversations on any topic.

He started business at the age of 7, operating a farm without the knowledge of his parents. In 2003 he started Igbo Made Enterprising Co, in Oakland, California, USA. The business imported Music, Movies and Clothes from Nigeria to be sold in the United States, in clothes he had little luck but the movies where a breakaway success, making him the #1 distributor of Nigerian movies in California at the tender age of 16.

He has had many career successes and failures since then and he brings an unimaginable wealth of knowledge to the organization, most notably, he brings unwavering integrity, a natural passion for Nigeria's development and unfathomable imaginative and creative understanding.

He is a vetted strategist, patient implimenter and a caring and charistmatic leader. All these attributes seem like praise until you meet him yourself.